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Kim Potter
Dog Training

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Click here for information on dog training

The Dog Rescues Network has been online since December 2001

The dog rescue organizations on this web site are totally independent of each other and cannot be held responsible for the actions of any other rescue listed here. The webmaster cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the information displayed on this web site or the actions of the rescue organizations listed here.
These organizations rescue unwanted dogs and cats and find them new homes. Why do they do it? Because no-one else will!

Amelia County Animal Shelter, Amelia, VA Amelia County Animal Shelter Amelia Court House, VA
Smyth County Animal Shelter, Marion, VA Smyth County Animal Shelter Marion, VA
Russell County Animal Shelter, Lebanon, VA Russell County Animal Shelter Lebanon, VA
Giles County Animal Shelter, Pearisburg, VA Giles County Animal Shelter Pearisburg, VA
Greensville County Animal Shelter, Emporia, VA Greensville County Animal Shelter Emporia, VA
Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter, Galax, VA Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter Galax, VA
Lee County Animal Shelter, Jonesville, VA Lee County Animal Pound Jonesville, VA
Scott County Animal Shelter, Gate City, VA Scott County Animal Shelter Gate City, VA
Tazewell County Animal Shelter, North Tazewell, VA Tazewell County Animal Shelter Bluefield, VA
Hickory Hill Canine Rescue VA Hickory Hill Dog Rescue, Ashland, Virginia
Virginia Dogs for Adoption in Virginia
West Virginia Dogs Needing Rescue in West Virginia
Rainbow Animal Rescue North Carolina Rainbow Animal Rescue North Carolina
North Carolina Dog Rescues Dogs needing homes in North Carolina
Boxer Dog Rescue NC Boxer Dogs Needing Homes in North Carolina
Wyandot County Dog Shelter, Sandusky, Ohio Wyandot County Dog Shelter Upper Sandusky, OH
Another Chance Animal Sanctuary Another Chance Sanctuary Clyde, OH
Lawrence County Humane Society Ironton Pet Shelter Lawrence County, Ohio
Cockers Angels Spaniel Rescue Colorado Cocker Spaniel Rescue Aurora, CO
New Hope Dog Rescue Dogs Needing Homes in Mesa, Arizona
Wisconsin Dog Rescues Dog Rescues in Wisconsin
Rainbow Animal Rescue MN Rainbow Animal Rescue Minnesota
Miami Dog Rescue Dogs Needing Homes in South Florida
New Jersey Dog Rescues Dogs needing homes in New Jersey
Chihuahua Rescue Chihuahuas Needing Homes
Chows In Need Chow Chows in Need of Homes
Cockers As Pets Rescue Cocker Spaniels Needing Homes in New Jersey
Cocker Spaniel Rescue Cocker Spaniels Needing Homes AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, NC, TX, VA, WV, WA
Peke Rescue Network Pekingese Dogs Needing Homes
Texas Texas Rescues featured in the Rescue Me Documentary
Louisiana The story of dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina
Notice Board Save The Shelter Pets Hundreds of dogs and cats are killed every week because they have no home to go to!
Notice Board Advertisements for Dogs Needing New Homes

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Kim Potter Dog Training, Berkshire, UK

Ever had the feeling that your precious dog is doing just as
it wants rather than what you want it to do?

Let me show you how to be the pack leader so that you will be
confident with the knowledge that you can both control and
protect your dog.

Your dog needs to fit in with your lifestyle. This starts with his
good behaviour in your home, in preparation for good behaviour
outside. The first introduction to young children and household cats
requires advance planning and patience!

I can guarantee that you and your dog will both become
more relaxed and gain more enjoyment from your time together.

Please just phone me to discuss your concerns. If I can help you
over the phone, I will.

Happy dog owner Marcia says: "Kim came to our home after we had rescued an American Bulldog. From the start we gained instant results. She is not only gifted in her understanding of dogs but of people too! We now have a very happy boy who has settled into our family life. Kim is always on hand for any follow up questions or concerns that we have and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a dog trainer."

For more information phone Kim Potter on 07941 392 521
or see the website

Please mention Binfield Dog Rescue when making enquiries

Page updated: May 21st 2020
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